Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome to The Motherhood Muse

Welcome to The Motherhood Muse blog!

This is the sister site to The Motherhood Muse website, so swing on over there to check out the gems it has to offer!

A mother meeting me at a playground or a writer approaching me at a conference may ask the same initial questions as we get to know one another, so I hope you'll learn more about the heart of The Motherhood Muse from the following answers!

Who Are You?

The Motherhood Muse is a community for mothers and writers. My name is Kimberly Zook, and I am the creator of The Motherhood Muse. I'm a mother and a writer wishing to connect with mothers and writers who are journeying through motherhood and wishing to draw nature into their lives.

What Do You Do?

The Motherhood Muse has two main functions:

  1. The blog serves as a community center for mothers and writers to meet each other, share stories, learn from posts about the nature of motherhood, receive giveaways, and more.

  2. The website is the host of The Motherhood Muse e-Zine, Writing Contests, a Newsletter and Writer's Workshop. The e-Zine is an online magazine published four times a year. It is a literary magazine on motherhood and nature. The Writing Contests include a contest for non-fiction and fiction as well as a poetry contest for children. The Newsletter comes out eight times a year with highlights and updates. The Writer's Workshop is an online six-week writing course offered twice a year for mothers and writers wishing to develop their writing on motherhood and nature.

Where Do You Live and Work?

The Motherhood Muse is currently just an online organization, but I'm hoping to expand it in the next year to the community I live in. My long-term goal is to expand it even further as an organization for many communities.

I currently live outside of Washington, D.C., but as a military wife I moves quite frequently! In addition to several states in the U.S., I've also lived in Costa Rica, Japan, and Canada. Fortunately The Motherhood Muse has only one home: the World Wide Web!

Where Can I Find The Motherhood Muse?

The Motherhood Muse can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn in addition to our website and blog. On Facebook and LinkedIn you will find additional information, such as discussions, news updates, job postings, and more!

When Do You Work?

The Motherhood Muse is available all year long for you to explore and use! The blog posts new information a three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday; this gives readers time to stop by our blog and comment). The website posts a new issue of the literary magazine four times a year. The newsletter comes out eight times a year!

I work on The Motherhood Muse any free moment I have. I created The Motherhood Muse when my baby was six weeks old and my toddler was just shy of two years! In the midst of potty training, spit-up soaked shoulders, tears and cries, giggles and smiles, I envisioned The Motherhood Muse and I haven't looked back since!

Why Did You Create The Motherhood Muse?

In a nutshell I created The Motherhood Muse for mothers and writers like me, who struggle to connect with nature every day and find nature to be absent in their children's lives. I needed a voice to help myself and others discover nature through our minds, bodies, and souls and through the relationship our children have with nature. The Motherhood Muse is that voice.

But that's just it in a nutshell. Tomorrow's post is The Top 10 Reasons Why I Created The Motherhood Muse!

*Starting next week our regular schedule of posts will follow a Monday, Wednesay, Friday posting; however, this week we will be posting every day!


Jenni said...

I'm so excited for the launch of your e-zine and blog! Thank you for your attention to motherhood, parenting and nature. I'm looking forward to listening and sharing with this community as it unfolds.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the varying topics on your blog,i am impressed.

Nicole, using Medela symphony these days.