Friday, October 9, 2009

FreeDay - Word Play in Nature

Every Friday on The Motherhood Muse blog we will post an idea, activity, event or resource that is focused on literature, motherhood, children and/or nature.

We know how quickly weekends fly by, often without much spare time for writing or seeking time in nature, so the topic of each FreeDay post will offer something that requires 15 minutes or less. Why 15 minutes? And why is it called FreeDay?

15 Minutes is all it takes to begin working your way towards The Motherhood Muse "I AMuse" Pledge!

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Why FreeDay? We all love the weekends, especially if we don't have to work on Saturday and Sunday.
But do we give ourselves time to discover the freedom found in writing and nature? This is where we can explore, play, find peace, recharge our batteries, be ourselves and more.

So if you are needing a little bit of encouragement or inspiration over the weekend to give yourself the freedom to delve into writing or nature, check our our first activity below!

Inspired by Susan G. Wooldridge - Word Play in Nature

Step 1: Take a walk outside and during this time find 12 items of nature (e.g., leaves, rocks, wood, bugs if you're feeling adventurous!) and place them in your pockets, or a bag if you're not trying to get on Survivor.

Step 2: Back home flip through your favorite book and pick out 12 of the most creative, bold words you can find.

Step 3: Assign each nature object one word.

Step 4: Finally tie one object-word pair with another object-word pair. Write one creative, fantastical or witty sentence about each pairing for a total of six sentences.

This activity is a lot of fun with children and results in usually more than a dozen words and six sentences!

Happy Friday!

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