Friday, October 30, 2009

FreeDay - Vessels into Nature

I am writing this a few days in advance as we are traveling to see family via airplanes this week. Oh how I love airports as it is full of exciting characters. Although traveling with children makes it more adventurous, I still enjoy going to airports.

No matter if it is an airplane, train, car, boat, bike, or a pair of old sneakers, we get carried into nature via vessels. This FreeDay's activity is simple. Take a new approach to going into nature. Try out a different vessel.

If you take walks, try out a new path. Drive to a new park instead of the same one you always go to. Bike through your neighborhood streets instead of walking. Pick out library books for your children that have planes, boats, or trains and see what these vessels bring to mind.

A new vessel will help give you a unique experience with nature!

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