Thursday, October 8, 2009

On Writing for The Motherhood Muse

Interested in submitting a writing piece to the e-Zine or blog of The Motherhood Muse, but searching for ideas?

Here is a list of possible ideas to get your creative muse spinning. This is by no means comprehensive. You are not bound to write about any of these topics. You may also take any topic and run with it. This list is just to provide you with some ideas to get started with!

The main focus of the e-Zine is to share literary pieces with each other to help us feel closer to nature. This doesn't mean, however, that you need to write directly about nature. You'll find that almost all writing incorporates nature into it with details surrounding the person(s), the five senses, aspects of human nature, etc. These all work for the e-Zine.

The main focus of the blog is similar to the e-Zine, but the posts may be shorter, more casual writing pieces, book reviews, interviews with authors, informative, a short description about a mother's experience with nature and/or children, etc.

We're looking forward to your submissions!


  1. Take any experience you've had as a mother and look at it from the perspective of nature(e.g., literally, metaphorically, the five senses, human nature)

  2. fertility

  3. pregnancy

  4. birth

  5. breastfeeding

  6. adoption

  7. culture

  8. living in a different country

  9. disorders

  10. diseases

  11. sibling rivalry

  12. maternal instincts

  13. aging

  14. cycles

  15. water, air, fire, earth

  16. mammal traits

  17. sustainable living

  18. inheritance

  19. relationship with things in nature

  20. fruit/flower

  21. growth and development of the body (e.g., mother, child)

  22. adventures in nature

  23. vacations

  24. encounters with nature

  25. pets and animals

  26. pollution, chemicals, allergies

  27. boys vs. girls

  28. changes

  29. physical, mental, spiritual health

  30. healing

  31. traveling

  32. celebration

  33. natural living

  34. natural mother

  35. new mother

  36. mother of many children

  37. what and how children teach us about nature

  38. beauty

  39. beasts

  40. wildness and wilderness

  41. frontiers

  42. city life vs. rural life

  43. human connection with each other and/or with nature

  44. childhood memories

  45. Earth day

  46. birth, death

  47. seed, egg, creation, evolution

  48. fears, joys

  49. rites of passage

  50. vision quest

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