Friday, October 16, 2009

FreeDay - The Write Journal for You

I've held on to all of the diaries and journals I've had in my lifetime. From my first one during elementary school to my motherhood journal to my writer's notebooks, I have about 30 journals lined up on the shelves of my bookcase.

Every few years I sit down and pull these journals off the shelf and read through them. They are a chronicle of my life, revealing to me my growth and development as a person, a writer, a woman. Some pages I flip over quickly in embarrassment as I relive certain moments. Some pages are renewed with fresh tears. And some pages beg for more to be written.

A journal may simply be a set of empty pages wanting to record your thoughts and feelings, or a journal may take on a life of its own by becoming a piece of art.

Consider a motherhood journal - My motherhood journal consists of letters to my daughters, recipes cut out from magazines, photos of special moments, tips gathered from other mothers on fun activities for children, bookmarks and cards, dried flowers given to me by my husband and children, words and sentences written in between laundry, naps, and dirty diapers, lists of ideas, lists of groceries to buy, emotional outbursts, and more.

My motherhood journal is a 3-dimensional reflection of my life as a mother. I may not have more than five minutes to write my thoughts. I may not even have more than three seconds to tape a list in it. But I always have a place to go to when I want to express myself, to comfort myself, and to see myself years from now.

How do you make your journal become 3-dimensional?

If you're in the market for a new journal (aren't we always!), please check out these journals to see if one of them might be what you are looking for!


Loren Christie said...

Hi Kim, This is a wonderful idea. I've kept journals since fifth grade, and it's funny how I still feel that those early ones are the most personal. My blog is like a journal, but it is what I'm willing to share publically. One idea is for a person to use a word processing program as a journal, incorporating digital pictures and video. Using a video editing program you can create a movie type journal, narrating your written work, and putting in pics, video and music. That's a lot of work, but it can be fun. In the end I just end up scribbling endlessly in notebooks.

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