Friday, October 23, 2009

FreeDay - Bubble Maps

Are you a visual learner? Do lists help you get through writer's block?

We've all been doing bubble maps since high school, so this activity may not strike you as innovative; however, I propose a new twist that I think is a fun way of integrating nature and writing! If this weekend is anything like last weekend, we'll need some indoor activities for ourselves and our children. It's been a very wet October!

On Wednesday I posted a list of upcoming themes for our literary magazine. One theme is Generation Eco-Tech, which is loosely focused on the generations of children today who experience nature through technology.

Your task today: Use the theme Generation Eco-Tech and your generation (Baby Boom, X, or Y) as the center bubbles of two different bubble maps and expand them out with your children!

STEP ONE: Create two central bubbles with Generation Eco-Tech and your generation name in each one.

STEP TWO: Ask your children to they use items such as computers, cell phones, iPods, Internet, wii, XBox, etc to "experience" nature. The question might seem a little odd to them, but as they warm up to the idea write down keywords that they come up with.

STEP THREE: Ask your children how they think you experienced nature when you were their age. What devices did you use (e.g., bikes, tubes, wagons, etc)? Make a list of the keywords they come up with.

STEP FOUR: Using the two list of keywords to create the two bubble maps.

STEP FIVE: Link the two bubble maps by connecting different bubbles with one another and along these links write one topic idea that you could use to write an essay, short story, or poem for The Motherhood Muse literary magazine on the theme of Generation Eco-Tech!

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