Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Theme List

The Motherhood Muse literary magazine is open for submissions!

We recently published a list of themes for the first three volumes of the literary magazine. It is available on our website, but it is also found below as well. We accept submissions that may or may not be based on the theme; however, using the theme when writing for our literary magazine may help by serving as a focal point.

If you have any questions regarding any of these themes, please feel free to contact us at editor(at)themotherhoodmuse(dot)com.

The Motherhood Muse Literary Magazine - Upcoming Themes


Issue 1 Winter 2010 (January) - Theme: Metamorphosis

Issue 2 Spring 2010 (April) - Theme: Secret Gardens

Issue 3 Summer 2010 (July) - Theme: Vessels Into Nature

Issue 4 Fall 2010 (October) - Theme: Maternal Instincts


Issue 1 Winter 2011 (January) - Theme: Bella Body

Issue 2 Spring 2011 (April) - Theme: Urban Gone Wild

Issue 3 Summer 2011 (July) - Theme: A Wilderness of Sweets

Issue 4 Fall 2011 (October) - Theme: Roots, Boots, & Hoots


Issue 1 Winter 2012 (January) - Theme: Generation Eco-Tech

Issue 2 Spring 2012 (April) - Theme: Mother Nature's Ingredients

Issue 3 Summer 2012 (July) - Theme: Eclectic Footprints

Issue 4 Fall 2012 (October) - Theme: The Healing Balm

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