Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Why I Created The Motherhood Muse

10. Ants.
One morning while my toddler refused to eat her breakfast (again) by throwing her pancakes and scrambled eggs on the ground, I discovered a trail of black ants winding around on the kitchen floor. Last night's dinner crumbs were being evacuated by the ants. A more normal mother (who gets out often) may have simply disposed of the ants with one graceful sweep of her hand. Perhaps she would have swept floor and polished it the night before, so there would not have been any crumbs in the first place. But I'm a mother of two under 2 and deprived of the outdoors (how does anyone get out of the house with a newborn and toddler is beyond me), so I stared at the ants, intrigued by their pattern of marching lines. My toddler's whimper called me back to reality. She didn't know what ants were and they scared her. My first thought: We need to get outside more!

I began this personal writing blog in 2008 as a way to describe my experiences as a writer and a mother. A few months before my second daughter arrived I began to invest more time in writing on my blog and reading other blogs. I soon realized that the network of mother writers enjoyed reading about everyone's adventures and thoughts on life from a range of literary blogs. I decided I wanted to create a site and blog that would serve as a portal for these mother writers to share their stories with each other.

8. Birth.
My second daughter was born in June 2009. By early July I had developed the idea of The Motherhood Muse in my head. What happened during those initial weeks that led to the creation of this venture? I stayed inside almost every single day with my two daughters, because I had to learn how to manage two children while doing my best to keep them both happy and healthy. I realized I wasn't alone. Many parents and children stay indoors more often compared to the generations before us.

7. Cement.
Vast empty parking lots, deserted and full of grass growing in cracks, paving the way to the front door of abandoned stores sitting only blocks from newly constructed buildings with even bigger parking lots really bother me. Our view of the horizon consists more often of cement than it does of green plants. Not only do we stay indoors more, but when we do go outside it is harder to find a piece of nature to play in.

6. Books.
The writings by several authors have contributed to my desire to create The Motherhood Muse. From Mother's Nature to Last Child in the Woods to Hunting for Hope to literary magazines such as Brain, Child, Literary Mama, Mom Writer's Literary Magazine, and WOW! Women on Writing, the authors of these literary works have all inspired me along the way.

5. Passion.
I've always been a bookworm, and my fingers are usually smudged with ink from a pen. Reading and writing are two of my three passions in life. The third, nature, is more than just a passion, it is a need.

4. Voice.
Mothers around the world have so much to say! I have learned so much by hearing and reading the motherhood stories. To give back to this community of mother writers I wanted to establish a site for them where stories can be shared about the nature of motherhood.

3. Mother Nature.
Storytelling across time is another way mothers learn from one another. Our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and beyond have all influenced us as women and mothers. Mother nature is another storyteller, sharing with us her history and the history of mothers. I want The Motherhood Muse to be a way for stories from Mother Nature to be shared visibly with others.

2. Love.
My toddler runs around with my heart in her hands. My baby's eyes reflect the love in my face. I know now the profound love parents everywhere feel for their children. This common bond of love we have for children unites us. I want to share this unity here.

1. The Future.
We need nature, but our children need it even more. How will our children develop a relationship with nature if we don't have one ourselves? The Motherhood Muse is a first step in sending the message to ourselves and to our children that we need nature, now and tomorrow.


Ginny Marie said...

This is a wonderful list! I used to spend a lot more time outside when I had only myself to take care of. It definitely gets more difficult with children in the equation! I mentioned this blog in my post yesterday, so I hope my few readers find their way over here.

Anonymous said...
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