Monday, October 12, 2009

Newsletter Subscription

Are you signed up to receive our free newsletter?

Those who subscribe to the newsletter by November 1st will have a shot at a $15 Starbucks gift card, compliments of The Motherhood Muse.

To increase your chances of winning, you can do any of the following to have your name entered into the contest more than once:

1. Blog about the newsletter and The Motherhood Muse.
2. Provide the URL for subscribing to the newsletter on your blog.
3. Announce the newsletter and The Motherhood Muse on Facebook.
4. Tweet about it.
5. Email everyone you know about it!
6. Join our Facebook group.
7. Join our LinkedIn group.

Make a comment on this post for each item you've done and we'll enter your name into the contest that many times!

Here's the URL for subscribing to the newsletter: .

Thanks! The winner will be announced on November 2nd!


Stephanie said...

Hi Kim! I joined the FB group, in addition to subscribing to the newsletter. And the real reason I stopped by here today was to tell you I nominated this beautiful new blog for a Kreativ Blogger award. Have a great day!

Cara said...

Great site! I just signed up for your newsletter and spent some time on the site. What an exciting time. I am just entering the world of social networking. I live in Denver, CO and am just beginning to run after school writing workshops for kids. My first will be at the end of Oct. The workshop will focus on writing a Nature Journal. I tweeted the link. :)

Julie said...

I just joined your FB group. Beautiful blog!

Julie said...

I also joined you on LinkedIn.

Julie said...

Today I blogged about your The Motherhood Muse and added the URL to subscribe to your newsletter. I also mentioned it, via my blog, on Facebook.

Good luck, Kimberly! This is great.