Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Natural Decor

As my toddler created a space rocket with her Tinkertoys and my baby squealed as she bounced in her Jumperoo, I rummaged through a box of fall decorations. I pulled out turkeys, pumpkins, gourds, cinnamon apple candles, and a few crumbled decayed leaves from last fall.

My box of decorations got me thinking about why I dress up our home for holidays. Decorations generate an excited energy in our homes. They add to the anticipation of an event, a day, a moment. And they especially help create cheer inside the home when we can't spend more time outdoors during the cold fall and winter months.

When I add nature to my decorations (like fall leaves, twigs, acorns, and more) it helps me make the connection between holidays and seasons. So often we find holidays lost in the commercial mainstream of materialism: shopping, buying, wanting, and forgetting. The act of adding bits and pieces of nature inside my home helps me to simplify my life. Seeing new buds on a branch place on my windowsill stirs my mind to look outside and recall childhood moments spent outdoors before we had computers, iPods, cell phones, and more. Those are the memories I want my children to have as well. So today we're going outside for a walk to collect Nature in our pockets and bring home for our windows.

What do you gather from nature to put inside your home? What does it mean to you?

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Ginny Marie said...

My daughters drag in leaves of all shapes and sizes. I love to decorate with different kinds of gourds in the fall, with all the different textures and colors. I love the variety of natural decorations...not one gourd is exactly the same!