Friday, November 6, 2009

FreeDay - Writing Prompts for Literary Magazine

Our first volume of The Motherhood Muse literary magazine is based loosely around four themes: metamorphosis, secret gardens, vessels into nature, and maternal instincts. Below are four writing prompts, one per theme, that may help you create some new ideas for writing about motherhood and nature.

Metamorphosis: Our lives are marked by big and small changes. Changes may help us to grow or regress in many aspects of our lives. Describe an experience you've had that helped you to reach a new level (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). How did you change?

Secret Gardens: Nature offers us a place where we can find the freedom and peace in being ourselves. Children in particular express this by letting their guard down and playing with nature in a way that they share secrets and stories with nature. What secrets are shared when a child carves his/her name into a tree trunk, skips a stone across a pond, climbs up a tree, whistles with a bird, or makes a dam in a stream with rocks?

Vessels into Nature: There are numerous ways we are carried into nature (car, bike, skis, skates, boats, flippers, shoes, etc). Books also serve as vessels that transport our minds into nature. As a woman seeking to develop a deeper relationship with nature, which vessel challenges you the most? How might you gain more by utilizing this vessel over others?

Maternal Instincts: Since becoming a mother, I've learned that we all grow into motherhood. It is a continual learning process, and often our children are our teachers. How have your children enhanced your senses? What does the term 'human nature' mean to you as a mother?

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